7C Class Trip to the Jump house

On December the 14th our class went to the jumphouse in Hamburg. At 2 o`clock we met at the train station and took the local train to Hamburg. We changed two times and arrived there on time. At first we had to change our clothes. Then a nice woman explained the rules. In the jump house there are many different trampolines. You can play basketball or dodgeball (aka Völkerball), do the Ninja parcours or just practise acrobatics on a trampoline.
All the kids from our class and even the adults, our teacher and classmate’s father, played dodgeball on trampolines.
Most students liked the Ninja parcours because they felt like TV stars in “Ninja Warriors“. There were three different Ninja parcours: the first was the easiest and the third the most difficult one. At first you had to log on the computer. If they call you, you can run the parcour.
After one and a half hours in the jump house we were really tired and had to go back home.
We really enjoyed our trip – it was fantastic.

By Paula, Iven, Lennard and Ronja